Music school For those who want to learn music from scratch or can already but want to improve their skills, or even choose for our little brother, choosing the right place to learn music is important, you know.

After seeing that idol artists can sing or play drums cool, or after hanging out with friends, you finally decide to learn music. So now there are so many music lessons, private tutors, and you can even learn via YouTube. Which one should you choose for music school?

Now, not only making sure you don’t waste time and money, the right music school can even help introduce you to the music industry for those who want to enter the professional path. At first glance it is similar and many ask, what is the difference between one music school and another? So, let’s take a look at the following article, what should be considered when choosing a music school?

1. There is a rate increase CURRICULUM & EXAM

The lesson must have a guide, and we often refer to it as a curriculum music school. And music schools must have a curriculum. This helps us know the progress, aka progress during learning, which was not possible before. And it is not just any guide, but one that answers needs and has proven results. Also, if a normal school has exams, it is impossible for us to immediately level up without exams. This can be the first parameter when checking music courses.

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2. Professional Instructor.

In the world of education music school, the teaching factor is very important. It should be, a music instructor is not only a musician who is good at playing, but also capable and has the pleasure of teaching and creating other musicians. This is the main factor that distinguishes you from studying on your own/self-taught from studying in a music school. When studying on your own, nobody corrects your technique, watches your progress, and tells you what next steps to take.

3. Opportunity to TRAIN OUT OF CLASS.

With a music learning format that is mostly private, many people become “chamber musicians.” It’s a shame if we have trouble studying but no one enjoys it. So that you are not only good at home, there should be various opportunities to appear in concerts or jam sessions outside of class. Also, we can see whether this music school regularly invites musicians from outside, to increase the knowledge of students and instruc4. tors.

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The name is a learning must have a result, and the result cannot be fooled. Try walking in the mall, listen to the quality of the music school students performing, or check out their youtube channel. Ask people who have studied at the school, what the teacher is like, the place, class, etc.

5. Facilities

When studying music school, it will be more comfortable if the equipment in the classroom or building is clean and well maintained, right? In addition to equipment in class that is functioning properly and updated, in addition to having a Concert Hall equipped with a full sound system and lighting, you can also record life! So it’s like being on a big stage when you are performing here.

So, those are some of the criteria you can see to determine the quality of your chosen music school. Have a good study!

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